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Delaware cigar smokers

Excellent Tobacco Outlet
This outlet has everything you need for an enriching evening of smoking tobacco. From cigars to pipes, to camels and chocolate cigarrettes, Tobacco Field has it all. The service is friendly and very, very inexpensive. The interior is enlivening with couches and hard-wood flooring. This outlet is definitely a two-thumbs up!
Cynthia D.

I have been smoking cigars all my life and have been to many cigar stores but Tobacco Fields is by far the greatest cigar store I have ever been in. What does it for me is the staff. They are extremely knowledgable and make you feel like family. The cigar events are top shelf and they spare no expense for their customers.
K. R. Webb

Cigar shop in DelawareIn a nutshell: friendly staff, a surprisingly good cigar selection, and nice leather seating if you want to stay and smoke.
Matt L. – Sunnyvale, CA

When it comes to cigar shops there really are only a few criteria to judge them by:…
1) Selection, 2) Price, and 3) Humidification. The rest is pretty much meaningless. For selection they have the good ones. And by good ones I mean good by U.S. standards…
Christopher J.

The Tobacco Field had a surprising good selection (Fuente, CAO, Monte Cristo etc.) … I thought their prices were very reasonable and they were certainly kept at 70/70.
Winston C. – Palm Beach, FL

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